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Tourist In Between is an on going investigation into Newport, that uses it's tourist attractions as an access point into a more deeply considered dialogue about what Newport means to people internally and externally.


Somewhere between street performance and live art, the work uses fictional narratives to hang absurdist characters in real, everyday spaces. By making sure the performer and the audience meet in this liminal space between reality and fiction, we can temporarily poke a hole in the fabric of what we deem ‘might be real’ and dream ‘might be possible’. Through doing this Tourist In Between attempts to create spontaneous relationships with people. Once this has happened we can begin asking bigger, more direct, and more fertile questions.


The first iteration of the work was a short film (commissioned by Creative Cardiff) that used Newport’s iconic tourist hot-spots as a backdrop for semi-interactive street performances and character based interactions. It is was a playful invitation into the broader thesis of the work, and the beginnings of a surrealist survey into Newport’s culture, future and citizens.


1st - 31st OCT

Commissioned by Ffoto Gallery as part of Diffusion Festival in Newport.

Photography and Film from Tourist In Between is currently being exhibited in a pop-up gallery space in Friars Walk, Newport. The work is a mixture of photographic imagery, tourist trinkets, a tourist booth installation.

There will also be live pop-up performances every Saturday throughout October.

To find out more about Diffusion





If you're interested in buying any of the tourist trinkets you see on display in the video or in the exhibition please use the contact button below to log your interest and receive an update.


Tourist in between

This film was commissioned by Creative Cardiff and was created as part of the 2020 Our Creative Place Story Map. 


"The Our Creative place project aims to bring together, and develop, the narrative of the creative community across the Cardiff Capital Region.

In partnership with Arts Council of Wales, we have commissioned 12 creatives from the region to create work for this unique storymap." Creative Cardiff

Welcome to Newport
PART 1: The Wave

This latest video captures the work as an irreverent piece of street performance that asks people in Newport to reexamine their relationship to the city, in some small way.


It was supported by Ffoto Gallery as part of Diffusion Festival in Newport. This short film is a representation of four weeks setting up the Tourist Information booth on the street and surveying the people of Newport.

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