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A few thoughts about ImposterMouth ahead of my short run at Le Pub.

ImposterMouth is a spoken word show I have been waiting to make for what feels like ages now. Just sitting on it. Getting parts of it out at various moments for almost every opportunity that may present it's self. At the very first Express Yourself in 2017, at Jeremy Linnell's scratch night SCAB, and then taking Steph Kempson's invitation to perform a version of it at Sharp Teeth at The Wardrobe Theatre, in Bristol. All the time honing the work, sharing it with audiences and exploring what it might become. These are the free spaces to enter and explore in. They're the pockets of opportunity that some artists might regard tiny R&D's, and that's what they were for me. Fuel for the fire. Chances to churn out shit. Confirmation ideas.

So now, tired of waiting for some higher function to grant my ImposterMouth wishes I have decided to just make it. My living room is my studio, my laptop is my collaborator.

In this instance I am wanting to test boundaries of solo performance making, and within it all, somewhere, I'm wondering about funding, thinking about how in Wales we might be in for a potentially tumultuous time (post-shitstorm) and how now might be the perfect opportunity to think about what we can do to be more pro-active, more creative within our restrictions, and become more resilient to change.

The show it's self is fully formed, but the prospect of going at it almost entirely alone without the financial backing or seal-approval from a higher arts org genuinely feels a little like impostorism, so that, I guess, is where the experiment is.

However, I'm not entirely alone, I'm being supported by Express Yourself, (the original performance platform that supported the work in the first place) and the MIGHTY MIGHTY MIGHTY Le Pub, including two guest artists who will be joining me each night, so in my own way I think I've created a structure. Let's see how it goes.


7.30 Doors £5 TICKETS

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