OCT. NOV. DEC. 2020

a COLLABORATIVE DIGITAL THEATRE LAB that seeks to explore 'New DigitaL Theatre' by Connecting with Creatives and Gathering Ideas in order to Explore New Digital-Performance.



Open Source is a collaborative, multi-faceted Digital-Art project that aims to question what we can make, where we can make it and who can be involved.


Running a sort-of online digital theatre lab Open Source aims to encourage Artists, Makers, Thinkers, Technicians, Educators, Activists, Writers, Creatives and/or anyone else to explore, discuss and create what we’re calling ‘New Digital Theatre’.


Funded my Arts Council of Wales, we will be hosting numerous online discussion sessions and funding new working experiments.


Below is an outline of the work we plan to commission through conversations and involvement.


- Talking-Shops & Think Tanks (online and real life discussion sessions).
- 3 Small fund commissions for experimental projects/ideas.
- 1 Small fund commission for an individual/group to research technology/digital.
- Participation/development opportunities.


If you are interested in knowing more about OPEN SOURCE, you can fill out the form below expressing some of your thoughts and ideas, as well as sign up to the mailing list to receive invitations and updates. 

Open Source - Plaine Circle.png
Open Source - Plaine Circle.png

- Focus on improving Wales’ digital arts infrastructure and creative skillset.

- Explore access methods for Deaf and bi-lingual audiences.

- Anticipate ways in which creating digital might enhance equity.

- Form a Wales based community of Creatives who can share knowledge and create new ideas.

- Investigate how Digital Performance could enhance a post-covid world.




The Digital Meets Ups are a series of 3 Zoom meetings in which participants who have expressed an interest in being a part of OPEN SOURCE can gather, talk and listen to other participants thoughts and ideas.

The approach so far has been to engage with a wide group of people. These include audience members, technical creatives, artists, performers, producers and other professional practitioners.

For The Digital Meets Ups we're looking to gather this collective and have a multifunctional chat that can illuminate and add some weight to the intentions of Open Source.

These meetings will be an important stepping stone towards finding the right projects to support in the right way, and hopefully engage people on the peripheries of making digital work, lighting a fire in their bellies.


On the whole, I'm running these Digital Meets Ups so that people might meet, communicate, connect and one day collaborate on a beautiful work of cross pollination.


- To ask any questions you might have about Open Source and the future of the project.

- To express a viewpoint, opinion or idea.

- To listen to other creatives and share insight.

- To share a learning outcome or experience you've had when creating work digital.

- To investigate how Digital Performance could enhance a post-covid world.

Open Source - Plaine Circle.png


If you are interested in joining us for any of the Digital Meet Ups but haven't filled in the participation form then please drop us an email at: opensource_wales@hotmail.com alternatively you can join the mailing list by clicking the link below.