Life Inside An Igloo tells the story of Roland the Inuit. Alone in a land of ice and snow. Bored, lonesome and curious. He grows carrots in boots, plays games with his shadow, and quietly contemplates his existence. Beginning to wonder what's further than the North of the Pole, he decides to set out on an adventure, then suddenly something mysterious appears on the horizon... A small robot named BECON912.


Life Inside An Igloo is a colourful, dream-like theatre piece that uses elements of clowning and mime, mixed media projection and a made up, universal language to challenge children's perceptions of what it means to be "from somewhere else", as well as tackling themes of a world currupted by technology and the ever increasing issues surrounding global warming.


This show was comissioned by The Riverfront Theatre, Newport for The Big Splash Festival 2013. I am looking to re-develop the piece and tour it in 2015.



Big Splash Festival 2012