(A drag wrestling show)



At the moment this idea is in it's early inception. Right now it exists as a piece of writing, and as one short physical performance. In my head it's an odd merger between two worlds; the masculine areana of manliness that is Pro-Wrestling, and the hyper feminine yet intrinsically male dominated culture of Drag. The core of the piece is described in more detail below.

I want to wrestle... The atmosphere, the baying crowd, the action, the muscles, the face-paint, the outfits, the drama.

When I was a kid my heroes were anyone with muscles, action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, but mainly my heroes existed in the vibrant and artificial world of Pro-Wrestling!

MACHO has thus far been about me exploring my masculinity through action and using my body to physically relive a blurred memory of a WWF/E filled past. I want to create an alternative on stage life for myself as a semi-pro wrestler, who is confident, masculine and possibly misguided.

So far it's a bit of a physical flex that explores manliness, drag-culture, and hero worship... All whilst contemplating the fact that the WWE is possibly the most commercially successful piece of theatre the world has ever seen.

For me this opportunity represents the culmination of over four years of creative approach leading towards an opportunity to create a more solid scratch version of the work, to air and try, experiment and explore.



If you want to talk to me about this work then please follow the link below.



Express Yourself - Le Pub, Newport - March 2018