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A PRODUCTION BY Mr & Mrs Clark, Georgina Harris, Antonio Rimola, Lauren Brown, Justin Teddy Cliffe and Stephanie Roberts.

“Wonderfully stimulating evening combining a challenge to think politically and locally, with an invitation to meet and form a bond for the evening with the other people in the room. I liked the wit and surprising nature of the interventions and the many different ways we could engage with the questions, while never feeling over-solicited.”
John McGrath – National Theatre Wales


Mr and Mrs Clark have spent the last 12 months talking to members of the local community of Newport.

Now they, along with Tin Shed Theatre Company and other local artists, have developed a theatre experience and an exhibition that aims to challenge our perceptions of Newport.

The Meeting aims to highlight the positive and creative side of the city and to discuss the current high street decline. With new plans to regenerate the city centre not reaching completion until 2015, there is a long and uncertain road ahead.

How can Newport cope with these changes and retain or develop it’s sense of identity? The Clarks and Tin Shed intend to find out.



What the critics said

“I was on a real downer that day had had a gutsful of Newport and was ready to go home… it gave me a bit more motivation… seeing a guy dressed as an angel put a smile on my face…should have more of this in Newport.” Audience 

“Amazing, uplifted, I was on a downer that day.” Audience 

“Very happy, didn’t know what to expect, I liked it, it was good.” –  Audience 

“Felt welcomed.” –  Audience member

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