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Bottled by Matt Ball, Justin Cliffe & Tracy Harris

Performed by Justin Cliffe & Tracy Harris

Directed by Matt Ball

Developed through WalesLab, National Theatre Wales artist development initiative, with support from Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Chapter Arts Centre.



Ever been to a wedding where the best man’s speech went too far? A funeral where the eulogy told the truth, the whole truth or anything but the truth? Did you ever reply on twitter and regret it immediately. We’ve been collecting stories, writing eulogies, making speeches and not apologising. We’ve been getting competitive, drinking milk and dancing to Kelis. Join us for an evening of home truths, toasts, confessions & explosions.


Dress code: Inappropriate.



Experimentica - Chapter Arts - Cardiff, Wales 2014

Alter Ego - Alma Alter - Sofia, Bulgaria 2014

Ferment - Bristol Old Vic - Bristol, Eng 2015

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